Download mekiku (for Windows 7 or later)

mekiku : Communication aid for hard-of-hearing/deaf people

screen shot
mekiku (On Windows 8)
With mekiku, note-takers can share their notes with deaf/hard-of-hearing people.

Mekiku works on supported Windows versions. You can copy and use this for free.


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mekiku displaying many characters
(from wikipedia language list

Robust against packet losses

You can use mekiku on wifi networks unless packet loss rate is extremely high.

Mekiku periodically monitors every member you are talking with, so that you can find connection failures quickly.


You can use your favorite fonts and colors on mekiku. Once you save the settings to an .mkk file, you can double-click it to start mekiku in the fully customized state.

Unicode handling

Mekiku supports all the Unicode characters Windows supports. So you can enjoy communication in any languages.

Install / Uninstall

Install : Double-click the downloaded file (installer).

Uninstall : Choose mekiku on "uninstall" item in control panel.



See history page. (written after version 1.3)


Please use contact form to send feedback.


Much appreciated : localization to Thai.