Download mekiku

Download mekiku 1.4.1 (English installer)

[IMPORTANT] From mekiku 1.4, only supports Windows 7 or later.

[NOTICE] mekiku supports multiple languages. Only installer is in English.

Upon installation, UAC(User Account Control) warning window may appear. Press [OK] to proceed.

About mekiku

See description of mekiku.

Former version

You can download mekiku 1.3.3 (English installer)

Portable version

In most cases, installer(above) is enough. But if you need "without installer" version, try this. Just unzip and launch "mekiku_portable.exe".

[ mekiku 1.4.1 portable version zip-file ] (Language independent : currently, English, Thai and Japanese are available.)

[NOTICE] Normally, portable version might not run when you double-click ".mkk" files. You need association settings.